It’s no secret that J. Herbin has been coming out with 100ml bottles to make the most popular inks more economical. They are offering 6 colors:

The update is that Exaclair has the 100ml bottles in transit, they are expected to arrive in mid-July, about two weeks from now. The list price is going to be $19 per bottle, I’ll be selling them for $18 at

The bottles themselves are not spectacular, they’re plastic and will not be ideal for those who use the fat ol’ fountain pens. The openings are the same size as the current 30ml bottles. So okay, the bottles aren’t fantastic, but the price per ml is pretty good! The (list) price per ml for the 30ml bottles is $0.33, and for the new 100ml bottles will be only $0.19! No doubt the plastic bottles were a compromise for the sake of keeping the price for the 100ml bottles lower.

So what do you think? 

Herbin 100 ml new!nouveau! from paperandco on Vimeo.