I’ve had a lot of requests for Sheaffer Skrip swabs, so here you go!

The swabs were done on Clairefontaine 100g DCP paper. I haven’t had a chance to ink these up in my pens yet, so I’ll have to give some brief descriptions of what they look like based on the swabs and my opinion seeing them with my glass dip pen. Whenever I’m doing a scan with multiple colors at once, inevitably a few of the colors will look off, no matter what I try to do to correct them!

The Sheaffer Skrip inks come in 50ml bottles, and retail for $8 at The Goulet Pen Company. 2ml Samples are also available for $1.25.

Black: Not as saturated as Caran d’Ache Carbon or J. Herbin Perle Noir, it’s very similar to Pelikan Brilliant Black. Some shading. Not too much to say here, it’s black!

Blue: Royal blue, very similar to Caran d’Ache Blue Sky and Pelikan Royal Blue. It has a bit of a purplish hue to it, more than it shows in the scan.

Blue-Black: Less grey than the scan shows. It’s not as saturated as Pelikan Blue-Black. A bit lighter version than Caran d’Ache Blue Night.

Brown: Not very saturated, very noticeable reddish hue (much more than the scan shows).

Green: This is really more of a sea foam green than a true green. It has a very bluish tone to it.

Purple: Vibrant, more so than the scan shows. Comparable to J. Herbin Violette Pensée.

Red: This is a nice bright red. The scan makes it look darker than it is, but it is just a bright, solid red.

Turquoise: In my opinion the nicest of the Sheaffer Skrips. Bright, beautiful, with some shading. A vibrant color.