I’m trying out something new called Weekend Reads. Every weekend (Saturdays, probably) I’ll post links to some of my favorite writing-related blogs that have been published that week. If you like the format, I’ll make it a weekly thing!


The Orchard: J. Herbin Redux

Spiritual Evolution of the Bean- Similar Inks: Herbin Orange Indien and Diamine Blaze Orange
DizzyPen: Iroshizuku Substitutes

PocketBlonde: Diamine NC Flamingo Pink

Lady Dandelion: Leaning Towards Red- 15 inks

Lady Dandelion: 16 Inks with the Blues


The Orchard: Blank Book Showdown, Habana vs. Rhodia

Spiritual Evolution of the Bean- Rhodia LeCarré review

The Orchard: DCP, GrafIt, Kalligraphe, and Exacompta Sketchbook Comparison

Unposted: Back to the Classics (Clairefontaine)

Unposted: Clairefontaine Roadbook


Lady Dandelion: Mont-Blanc 144 from the 1950’s

Lady Dandelion: Pilot M90’s revisited

InkyJournal: Lamy Al-Star Coffee Brown (Broad)

Inkophile- Tips for Buying from a Pen Board