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I have been working like CRAZY since last week to get all of my ink samples made up, as well as ink swabs. You can see how busy I was with the swabs here. I had them all made up at the start of the broadcast, and I was able to pull and compare a bunch of different colors that members in the ‘chat’ requested.

I’m introducing a new incentive to tune in live to my weekly broadcast….and what better way than FREE STUFF! Congratulations to Scott (s/n Jestre) who was the first to email me during the broadcast with an answer to my trivia question: “When was my first Ink Nouveau blog post?” The answer was January 15, 2010 with Episode #01: Ink Nouveau Intro. Scott won a 30ml bottle of J. Herbin scented ink, shipped free from yours truly 😉 I’ll be doing some sort of giveaway every week to bribe coax trick encourage everyone to join me live for my broadcasts! I won’t announce what the item is or when during the broadcast the giveaway will happen, so you have to be alert 😉