Join us live every Tuesday night at 9pm EST for Write Time at 9! We talk pens, paper, ink, and random other things (writing related usually).

Fun Broadcast!!! I had a blast during this one (again!). Hot topics I covered: Clariefontaine special orders for French-only products, DC Fountain Pen Supershow, Caran d’Ache ink bottles, my new flex-nib pens I have coming, ink swab color profiling, backordered Diamine inks, ETA on J. Herbin 100ml bottles, Weekend Reads blog posts, and various other things!

Congratulations to Mike (s/n MTruppi) for being the one to win this week’s giveaway. This week I gave out a Clairefontaine Life. Unplugged. Staplebound Duo, small pack of red and GREEN (I kept saying red and TAN during the broadcast, unknowingly!).

Some thoughts for next week’s broadcast: What do you want to see me bring to the DC Pen Show? How do you like the Weekend Reads blogs?