Join us live every Tuesday night at 9pm EST for Write Time at 9! We talk pens, paper, ink, and random other things (writing related usually).

What a fun broadcast this one turned out to be! I had a bunch of people join in the chat, and everyone was in a lively mood! I was able to boost my wireless internet connection and broadcast from my new workspace, so I gave a bit of a tour. I talked about Caran d’Ache inks, how Sheaffer came in and I now have ink samples of everything I carry at Caran d’Ache’s ink is rather pricey because of the gorgeous inkwells, so I’ll be selling the inkwells that I have leftover from doing ink samples as they are available. I show some of my ink sample vials, which are the same ones you’ve used if you’re a part of the Fountain Pen Network KCAT ink exchange.

I also decided to officially change the Write Time at 9 day of broadcast (yup, again!) to remain on Tuesday nights. This seems to work well for most, but most importantly, it works well for me! Mondays were just too complicated with holidays and whatnot. So Tuesdays at 9pm EST!!!

I also talked about the DCP paper, and how I really need to do a review of it so people know what it is. Basically, it’s high-quality laserjet/photo printer paper by Clairefontaine that is in loose sheets and works great for use with fountain pens. It’s 100g and more economical than Clairefontaine Triomphe.  This led to a whole lively discussion about international paper sizes, what legal size is, and Euro vs. American “A4” paper. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so I’m a little punchy, it’s fun to watch! The whole video is about 65 minutes.