It’s no secret if you’ve been reading Ink Nouveau that I got in my allotment of 1670 ink this past Monday. Since there were more people that wanted it than I had inks on hand, I decided what would be the fairest (and most fun!) was to have an ‘Apple-esque’ type of release date, which was yesterday at 12pm EST.

Well, if you go over to the page where I have the 1670 ink listed for sale, you’ll notice it says ‘backordered’. That’s no mistake, the ink is gone! You’re probably curious, how fast did it go? How many bottles did I have?

I had 46 bottles for sale, and they sold in just over 2 hours. 

I really wasn’t joking when I said they would go fast! The bad news is that they’re really gone. They’re all spoken for. The good news is that I did hold on to a couple of bottles to use for ink samples. So even if you missed out on the chance to get it this shipment, you can get a sample of it to see what the hype is all about. More good news, Exaclair is expecting another shipment of it next month, so around this time in August, I’ll be expecting more to come in. I plan to do the same type of offering like I did this go-around, except it won’t be a 2+ month wait this time!

So obviously, having sold so many inks (as well as other things) in such a short time, I’m a little busy! I will be working as fast as possible, but it’s going to take me through the weekend to get everything out. Thanks to everyone for your patience, it will be worth it to get this great ink!