I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a while now, as many of you know who’ve been following me lately. I’ve been blogging every day, which is a task on its own. However, I’m also in the middle of a decent sized home project, watching my 6-month old grow and change every day, and running the day-to-day operations of the Goulet Pen Company. I’m in contact with Noodler’s and RnK, and I certainly plan to carry their inks. However, I’m also gearing up for the DC fountain pen show in August, and it’s just too much for me (and Rachel, who does all of the web work!) to get into those inks before the show.

So don’t worry, just because I’m not ‘aggressively expanding’ like I have been for the last few months doesn’t mean anything other than I just need to slow down a bit. I still want to take time for the good things in life like watching my son grow up, and keeping in good contact with the many friends and loyal fans I’ve come to know over the last 8 months. I want to have time to focus on Ink Nouveau, my videos and Ustream broadcasts, as well as gearing up for the DC show to meet you face-to-face. So maybe now I’ll go to bed around 1am instead of 2am ;) Haha, probably not!