Okay, so if you’ve been keeping up with me at all lately, you know I’ve been doing ink swabs all over the place. Well, I’m happy to say I now have swabs done for every color I have, on both white and ivory paper, I’ve scanned them in, color corrected them, and my wife (the smart one) is working on putting together a useful way to view them all on GouletPens.com.

But that’s not what this is about! This is about free REAL swabs! For all of my customers now, I’m going to be including swabs I’ve done of some of the more popular inks within each of the 6 brands I carry. Here’s what I do: I have A4 sheets of 210g Clairefontaine Pollen cardstock in both white and ivory, and I print out the name of the ink many times over on the sheets. I swab them with the inks, and cut them out!

Here’s 8 sheets I just did, which will give 192 swabs in all. Yes, I have clutter on my table, don’t judge me.

It’s that simple. Then I grab 3 or so swabs and toss them in with every order. Voilá! Swabs in your hands. Here’s a closer look yet:

AAaaaaaand a closer look: