See, this is why I love the fountain pen community! I had a customer email me last night telling me how a friend of hers had ordered 20 ink samples from me and threw an ‘ink party’. A group of her fountain pen lovers got together and tested out a bunch of ink samples for an evening of fellowship among writing enthusiasts!!

I live in a pretty rural area and spend a lot of time online and it’s not often I get to interact with other pen lovers face-to-face. An idea like an ink party had just flat-out never occurred to me! I think it’s a fantastic idea and it absolutely sounds like a blast. In fact, I’m racking my brain now trying to think of how I can put together some sort of package on to help facilitate ink parties. Maybe a 10 or 20-ink sampler pack with a PR Cartridge Filling Unit or a No. 16 Rhodia pad added? What about having wax seal samples at the party too? I’m thinking out loud here, and I’m also completely open to ideas. What would you need to facilitate your own ink party? How could I help you enjoy picking out inks, paper, or other accessories for your party?

What’s great about fountain pen enthusiasts is our passion, creativity, and appreciation for the human connection that lies with personal correspondence. I think ink parties are a great way to bring writers closer together, and I want to support them in any way I can. What are your ideas? I’m all ears!