Many of you have been asking for this, and it’s finally here! On I carry all 10 J. Herbin Supple Wax colors as well as all 5 Pearlescent Wax colors……that’s 15 colors! How do you choose what you want? Samplers, of course!

If you haven’t noticed by now, samplers are kind of my thing. I have samplers for Clairefontaine Triomphe, Rhodia paper, G. Lalo VergĂ© de France, and all of the inks I carry, as well as now J. Herbin sealing wax!

The wax comes in 4-packs, and no one I know breaks those packs up. Since I’m an enthusiast first and a retailer second, I empathize that spending $14-17 on wax sticks that you’ve never even seen in person is a lot to invest! So what I’ve done is broken up the packs so you can purchase individual sticks. This way, you can just get one stick to try a seal, or you can get multiple waxes of different colors to either try them out or mix colors together to get even cooler wax effects!

The Supple Wax and Pearlexcent Wax sticks are different prices, so I have them priced differently as individual sticks. I have the Supple Wax sticks at $4 each, and the Pearlescent at $4.50 each. This pricing is just a little more than the 4-pack price, and that’s because it’s more work for me to inventory and sell them individually (you understand). Either way though, it makes it so you can mix and match colors without investing in whole packs.

Here I was messing with putting silver into red, then red into silver:

So there you go! Check out my new wax seal sampler sticks, and have some fun!