Last Friday I received a call from UPS Freight saying that they had 17 boxes to deliver on Monday, July 26. The total weight, 724 pounds. You’ve probably never had a UPS freight truck come to your house before, I know I hadn’t. If you’re wondering, UPS freight packages come delivered by a tractor trailer. Yes, a 53′ tractor trailer.

There’s only one problem, my driveway’s a little short and we are off a main road, so I moved all of my vehicles to the side to clear room for the truck. An hour before delivery the driver called me and asked to meet me in a gas station parking lot so he could unload since there was really no place to park. I agreed, and I went to hook up my trailer on my sweet Pontiac Aztek (go ahead, laugh, I love my Aztek). Well, the car was near the trailer (which it normally isn’t) and in my haste, I made a quick, tight turn to hook my Aztek up to the trailer and CRUNCH! Wouldn’t you know it, I hit my own car with my other car.

I didn’t have time to cry over spilled milk, I had goods to pick up and I was on a mission. I hooked up the trailer and drove down to meet the driver. It’s a bit of a milestone for me, as this is the first time my business has had anything delivered on a tractor trailer! I took a picture (the boxes look small on that truck!):

Here are the boxes on my cute little trailer (thank goodness there was no rain!):

Why did I have 1/3 ton of packages being delivered by a mac truck? Two words…..DC Show. I bought just a crap ton of Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Quo Vadis, and J. Herbin for the DC Fountain Pen Supershow. But that’s not all…..oh no, that’s not all! The much anticipated, long awaited 100ml J. Herbin bottles, the next shipment of 1670 ink, a replenishment of large black ruled Quo Vadis Habanas (which have been backordered for months), and the new version 3.0 large black Rhodia Webnotebooks came too!

This is an epic amount of stuff that came in, and with a lot of newly introduced products and limited edition items. I’ve been struggling to think of a fair and equitable way to offer these products, especially the 1670 ink, since the demand is exceeding the supply. I think I’ve figured out the best way to handle it. Here’s what I’m going to do:

Thursday 7/29 at 12pm (noon) EST I’m going to list everything available for sale, first-come-first-serve, at

I’m going to blog, tweet, email, post on FPN, make a YouTube vid, Ustream vid, and anything else I can do to reach as many of you as possible to give you a fair shake at getting access to these items on Thursday. This also will give me a couple of days to get myself prepared for the influx of orders to fulfill. My wife and I will be working triple overtime this weekend to get everything mailed out.

I have a couple strategies for you that I will recommend if you want to get your hands on any of this stuff before anyone else:

  • Email me if you’re interested in any of these new items. I’ll put you on an email notification list so you’ll be notified as soon as the products are listed live on This isn’t a waitlist or anything that gives you special priority, it simply means you will be notified when your product of interest is available for purchase.
  • Save regular products in your shopping cart ahead of time. Whatever regularly offered items you’d like to also purchase in conjunction with your special items you should save in your shopping cart ahead of time. This way, as soon as the special items are listed you can add them to your cart and check out as quickly as possible. If you add a 1670 ink first, then dilly-dally around the site for a while before checking out, someone else could check out before you and snatch up the last bottle and you’ll be out of luck. Items in your shopping cart are not reserved for you, it’s all about when you check out. Only a completed order will guarantee your purchase!
  • Make sure you or someone can be ready at 12pm EST. Set aside time a little before 12pm EST to load your items into your cart and check out. You want to make sure you’re ready so your laptop battery isn’t dead, or your power is out, or whatever. If you are somehow unavailable to purchase your order at that time, you may want to consider arranging with someone else to complete your purchase during that time. I expect some things, especially the 1670 ink, to go very fast, and waiting an hour might make you miss out!
  • Be patient with me! I’m a one man show….my wife is wonderful and is able to help when she isn’t working her full-time job and watching our 6-month old son. Most often though, I’m on my own for all of the email correspondence, my handwritten notes, blog, videos, and packing and shipping orders. I pride myself on almost always getting out orders placed within 24 hours, but I’m being realistic about this weekend. I’m fully expecting an influx of orders on Thursday, and I can only ship out so many orders a day. It may take me a few days to get to everyone, but I’m making it my goal to have everything out by Monday.

J. Herbin 1670 ink:

This may seem a little extreme or ridiculous to arrange your whole life around a bottle of ink but I kid you not, it will go fast! The first two shipments of J. Herbin 1670 ink that I received sold before I ever even listed them online. I had taken a waitlist ahead of time and the bottles were all claimed before they ever came in. I didn’t want to do that this go around, I wanted to give everyone a fair chance to claim their bottle. It just so happened to have the 1670 delivery coincide with everything I got for the DC show, including the 100ml J. Herbin bottles and the new Webbies. If I had done a waitlist ahead of time with this batch, I would have ‘presold’ my entire allotment of 1670 ink nearly 2 weeks ago.

Just to give you an idea, I currently have more than 20 people signed up on the email notification list for the 1670 ink than I will have bottles available. I know that many of you would love to stock up and get multiple bottles, but each customer will be limited to 1 bottle of J. Herbin 1670 ink due to such limited quantities. I hate to do this, but I have no choice as I and all of the other retailers are being limited in the quantities we receive. I can’t emphasize this enough, these bottles are limited in quantity and will go FAST! I can’t actually set an item maximum purchase quantity through my website, so yes, technically, you could ‘check out’ with more than 1 bottle. However, I will not ship you more than one bottle, your money will be refunded, and the ‘extra’ bottles will be relisted for sale for other customers. Please just save us both the trouble and only purchase one bottle. Each 50ml bottle will be sold for $20.

J. Herbin 100ml Bottles:

There are 6 colors of the J. Herbin 100ml bottles: Perle Noir, Éclat de Saphir, Poussière de Lune, Bleu Nuit, Lie de Thé, and Violette Penssée. These are not limited edition, but are newly regularly offered items. The bottles are utilitarian, nothing wildly fantastic, but it makes a wonderful ink a little more economical. Check out my post on the 100ml bottles. List price is $19, but I will be selling them for $18 each, no limit on quantities.

Quo Vadis Habanas- Black Lined:

These are extremely popular, wonderful journals. I use 3 of them myself. Though they are not limited in quantity, they have been backordered from my supplier for nearly 3 months. I STOCKED UP so I don’t expect to run out of these. However, since a great number of you wanted both Habanas and either 100ml bottles or 1670 ink, I thought it would be better to list these at once with the other limited items so you could check out at once. Every time I purchase a large stock of these I think I’m set for a while, they get snatched up, and I end up getting backordered again….so though my stock is high now, I can’t always guarantee it will be. Keep in mind France (where these are now made) basically shuts down for 6 weeks during late summer, too!

Rhodia Webnotebook v3.0- Large Black Lined (look ma, no logo!):

These were kind of a surprise, I really wasn’t expecting them. The Rhodia Webnotebooks have been popular journals that have undergone 2 major changes since their introduction. The first ones were 80g paper, kind of so-so for fountain pens. After much requesting, the paper was changed to awesome 90g Clairefontaine paper in the US versions only, the rest of the world still had the 80g versions. These 90g versions became affectionately and unofficially known as version 2.0. Requests were made that the v2.0 Webbies drop the Rhodia logo on the pages and have a binding that made it lay flatter. The requests were taken, and thus v3.0 was born. There are small differences between the 2.0 and 3.0, but it will make a difference for many. Black Webbies already have these v3.0 changes. The Orange lined Webbies I have are still v2.0, only the Large Black Lined Webbies are updated so far. The couple of remaining v2.0 black Webbies have been discounted on, and the new Webbies will take their place at the price of $18.75 (list price $20).

 Lots of Buzz!

There has been a great deal of anticipation about these products coming in, so be sure to talk with your writing friends about jumping on these new products. You can always email me with questions as I know this post is very content-heavy! You can also join me Tuesday at 9pm EST for Write Time at 9, my weekly live broadcasting on Ustream, which this week will entirely focus on these new products. Good luck!