Many of you know that I did a special purchase a while back from Clairefontaine’s French Catalog, which is FAR more extensive than what is offered just in the US. As you probably know by now, I tend to go pretty far out of my way to make sure I can carry writing products that my customers and fans want, even if it’s a bit of a hassle. When I have customers asking me for Clairefontaine products that aren’t carried in the US, then This go around, it was all speculative purchases on my part.

Here’s what I have coming in:

C6141: (I ordered 20) Clairefontaine Séyès (French Ruled) Pupitre Top-Staplebound A4 pads, 80 sheets of 90g paper, page 19 of the French Catalog

These I already have on my website, as I had some from the last purchase I did from France. Exaclair imports the lined (C6155) and graph (C6152) versions of this notebook already, but not the Séyès. As I have more and more people interested in this type of ruling, and more people interested in the Pupitre top-staplebound pads, I figured I’d go ahead and get some more to have on hand. I only have 8 left (at the point this blog was published), so I’ll be getting in 20 more.

These Pupitre pads are really nice….they’re exactly the same size as the Rhodia No. 18 pads, but with a very enhancements. The paper is 90g Clairefontaine paper like in the Claireefontaine notebooks (Rhodia is 80g, not quite as smooth). The backer on the Pupitre is thicker as well, so it’s easier to write on your lap without a clipboard or some other additional back support.

The one thing to point out about the Séyès C6141 versus it’s counterparts with lined and graph rulings (C6155 and C6152) is that it’s slightly longer. The lined and graph pads are 210mm x 297mm, but the Séyès version is 210mm x 310mm. Why? I’m not exactly sure, but I suspect it’s because the French ‘standard legal pad’ size is a little longer than in the US.

Completely new!

Many of you are familiar with the Clairefontaine Basic ‘Life. Unplugged.’ Staplebound Duos. I’ve reviewed them myself here on Ink Nouveau, and I carry one and use it all the time. There are two difference sizes of the Duos that Exaclair brings into the US, the A6 and A5 sizes. However, there is an A4 size as well! I’ve had numerous requests in the past from Moleskine ‘converts’ saying that they wished they could have a Moleskine cahier but with Clairefontaine paper. Well, this A4 Basic is just that, and I’m getting them in two colors:

C73306: (I ordered 50) Clairefontaine Tan Basic Staplebound A4 notebooks, 48 sheets of 90g paper, Lined w/ Margin, page 102 in the French Catalog

C733061:(I ordered 50) Clairefontaine Black Basic Staplebound A4 notebooks, 48 sheets of 90g paper, Lined w/ Margin, page 102 in the French Catalog

It’s going to take a little while for the new notebooks to come in, probably a couple of months at a minimum. I’d be surprised if I got them in before September. When I do though, you can bet I’ll be posting about it!!!