This info was passed down to me from my Pelikan rep, it’s official Pelikan promo stuff. All of the normal font is from Pelikan, my comments are in this blue italic font. I know I’m a paper and ink guy and don’t deal a lot with pens, but just know I likely can get my hands on some of these if you are interested in the limited edition stuff. Email me if you’re interested. ~Brian Goulet

· Classic 205 DUO – A perfectly coordinated unit
Pelikan stands for innovative technology and has a sense for modern design. The unique thing about the new Classic 205 DUO piston fountain-pen is the idea of equipping a fountain-pen with the additional function of a text marker. The fountain-pen in the Classic 205 series serves as inspiration, with its timeless, classic design. This writing instrument features a transparent housing in neon-yellow, which lets you see its inner workings. The silver clips and ornamental rings give the pen a special elegance and a high perceived value. The piston fountain-pen has a polished stainless steel nib in thickness BB and is filled with a neon ink.

The concept of neon ink originated at the end of the 1960s, deriving from the fluorescent tubes appearing at that time, mistakenly also called neon tubes in colloquial language. In the main, these inks are used as signal colors, and are characterized by an exceptionally high color saturation.

Thanks to this neon effect, the Classic 205 DUO writing instrument can be used to make precise notes in a document as with a conventional fountain-pen, without the notes smudging or having to be overwritten. The result is that the handwritten word – in contrast to conventional text markers – appears clear, comprehensible and, above all, luminescent. With its new text marker Pelikan provides a product which, thanks to its precision, ensures that personal comments appear clearly in the foreground and are not forgotten.

The Classic 205 text marker in fountain-pen form comes together with a bottle of neon yellow ink in a simple design box. List Price is currently set for $145 for the set, $15 for just the ink. I plan to carry the ink regularly.

· Souveran fountain pen M 800 Italic – Calligraphy for a Classic
With its new special series Souveran M800 Italic, the Pelikan company will delight not only collectors, but anyone who attaches great importance to beautiful writing. The ground nib point produces vertical strokes up to 1.5 mm wide and narrow horizontal strokes. This enhances writing and gives every sweep more expression. Writing pleasure is perceptibly increased as the 18-carat gold nib with rhodanized decoration glides across the paper in the famous, smooth Pelikan quality.

The proven Souveran 800 classic fountain-pen is available in three colors – black, green-striped and blue-striped. The black elements are made from high-grade resin; the striped casing comprises exquisitely crafted cellulose acetate. The piston fountain-pens are adorned with the typical beak-clip and double ring, both gold-plated with 24 carats.

This classic writing implement with its special nib comes in a decorative blue gift box including a brochure, which explains how to write with a calligraphy nib.

Combined with a bottle of colored ink, this is the ideal implement for reintroducing the art of writing a long letter that will delight both author and recipient alike . . .

The calligraphy piston fountain-pen is available as a Special Edition, July 2010 with a list price of $500. Man, I would love to have one of these, but with a baby to think about I’d have one heck of a time justifying this one to my wife! Nice looking pen though.

· Souveran fountain pen M 800 blue o’ blue
The traditional Pelikan brand is expanding its popular Souveran M800 product line with the premium series Souveran M800 blue o’ blue, paying tribute to one of the most soothing and enduring colors of nature. Constancy and harmony are found in the infinity of the blue sky and in the mighty expanse of the blue ocean. This harmony influences the calmness and concentration of the observer, and can order his or her thoughts – and transfer them to paper.

The ‘o’ in the product name stands for the word ‘over’ and refers to the lightly transparent material of barrel and cap of this fine writing instrument, which is reminiscent of broad pinstripes layered on top of each other in several shades of blue. In the intricate production process, the acrylic material is cast into the correct shape, trimmed and turned in several steps, and finally fitted with its elegant interior. In the final step, the individual parts are brought together to form the finished product, and polished to a high gloss. The clip and rings of this exclusive product series are made of 24-carat gold. The soft nib of the fine fountain-pen is made of 18-carat gold with rhodium decoration and iridium tip. List price currently set for $595.

· Limited Edition “Fire”
Perfectly timed for the hot season, the long-established Pelikan company is bringing some fire of its own to the desk: the “Fire” Limited Edition writing instrument, the third fountain-pen in the “Achievements of civilization” series, will make the hearts of collectors and devotees of elegant penmanship beat faster.

People have always burned wood and used the glowing embers of around 500 degrees Celsius and more to provide warmth and cook food. Pelikan celebrates the art of taming fire, and has produced just 500 pens in the “Fire” Limited Edition. The edition number engraved on the end of the handle proves that every fountain-pen is unique.

This fine writing instrument features elaborate details. An ornate bowl of fire is engraved on the nib, clip and cap of the fountain-pen. The barrel is made of brass and lacquered several times. Flames ascend the red shaft of the fountain-pen. Each individual flame is first lasered onto the fountain-pen, polished and then plated with 24-carat gold. Five real topaz gemstones, inserted by hand, make the flames come alive, and transport devotees of the fine art of writing to a time when our ancestors had to wait for lightening to strike before they could capture the flame. The soft nib of this fine writing instrument is made of 18-carat/750 gold, and has a fine iridium tip.

The “Fire” piston fountain-pen is available in nib sizes F, M and B, and is presented in an elegant gift box together with a brochure, which provides an account of the theme of the “Achievements of civilization” series and the intricate details of the fountain-pen. No idea what the list price is. But if you care at all about price, you likely won’t be able to afford this pen!