The 1670 ink is not in yet, but it’s expected to arrive soon. This 50ml bottle of ink is expected to sell quickly, since it’s in such limited supply. I would expect about 24-36 hours my entire stock will be gone! To make sure you have a fair shot, go to the 1670 ink product page to sign up for an email notification that will go out to the entire waiting list when I get the ink in stock. I currently have more people on the wait list than I will get ink in stock, so there will be some disappointed individuals! Make sure you’re not one of them!

Because of the limited quantities, I am going to be limiting purchases of this ink to one bottle per person. I hate to have to do that, but I have no choice since I’m limited in my stock. The 50ml bottle will sell for $20.

I made a quick video that I posted right to YouTube. It’s grainy and the audio is off, so be aware of that! I also have some mad bed head going on, it’s pretty funny!