We all have our motivations for writing, especially if you are a fountain pen user. The #1 reason I love fountain pens and the people who use them is because they are a non-essential item…I don’t mean that in a bad way, just realistically speaking it’s not very practical to use fountain pens in daily life! That’s a good thing though, believe it or not.

How many people do you know who are passionate about filing their taxes? Not many (dare I say any?)….because we all have to do it. But see, when something becomes ‘unnecessary’ or ‘obsolete’ in the viewpoint of the people that do things because they have to, what you end up with is a select group of individuals who do it because they want to! Fountain pen users make a choice to use fountain pens because for one reason or another they want to.

As you may or may not know, I am actually *relatively* new to the fountain pen scene. In fact, I know little about fountain pens at all! I use them, I love them, but ink, paper, and sealing wax is really more of my passion. Pens allow me to do what I love….playing with pretty inks on wonderful paper! That’s a facet of my personal motivation to write. I love to write in color, play with different nib styles to get certain characteristics out of each ink, and write on smoooooth paper which just feels wonderful to me. That’s a very selfish and vain reason why I love to write. On a deeper level I love to write because I know the feeling I get when I open a letter handwritten by someone….it’s like nothing else, certainly more exciting than an email (though I like those too). I know that when I am writing to someone, that they are going to feel the emotion I put into my letter.

For me, it’s all about the experimentation. I have certain ink colors I love, but I’m very much of an ink ‘nomad’. I find a color, make a mental note how I like it, and move on. Half the time I don’t even finish one C/C fill before I flush and move on to a new color (with some exceptions). I have at least a dozen pens inked up at any time, and all with different colors.

In terms of what and how I write, it all depends on the purpose. Sometimes I like to do stream of consciousness and just let it flow, writing as fast as I think, which is great because writing with the pen slows me down just enough to have my thoughts be coherent, unlike SoC writing on the computer, which often ends up being a bunch of jibberish! I enjoy writing letters of correspondence to each of my customers, not only because I enjoy the writing but because I know my customers will enjoy and really appreciate the effort, ink, and paper I’m using while writing. Plus that’s a chance for me to do wax seals, which I do any chance I get!

I also have a blue Habana that I started writing in the day my son was born. It’s going to be his ‘life journal’, where I write my thoughts at key events during his life so he has documentation of my thinking and personality throughout my raising him.

I use Clairefontaine séyès paper (French-rule) to practice my handwriting, especially with my recent acquisition of some flex nibs. I like to practice writing daily scriptures in them as a method of prayer and reflection, as well as practicing handwriting. It’s a win-win for me ;)

I also use a Rhodia No. 8 pad (the long skinny one!) for to-do lists, grocery lists, and any other kind of list you can think of around the house.

Part of the reason I love writing so much is that it’s different for everyone, and each writer finds their own motivation and enjoyment. What influences the way you write?