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I intended to cut this broadcast short, about 30 minutes, but it didn’t happen! I ended up going the full hour anyway! Everyone was active in the chat and we were having a blast. We ended up having a good turnout….43 people shuffling in and out at some point during the broadcast! I’m just amazed that anyon shows up at all to listen to my rambling.

Topics covered this week: new Diamine colors, DC pen show, Pelikan 62.5ml bottles, cheap pens, ink swabs, and more. I spontaneously decided to do TWO giveaways tonight! I had two good trivia questions so I decided to use both for giveaways. The first was a 30ml bottle of Pelikan Turquoise to whomever emailed me first with the correct answer for the ‘official’ start date of the Pelikan company (April 28, 1838). The second was a pack of carts to the first who emailed me with which Pelikan ink color is offered in cartridge form, but not bottle form! The answer? Pink! I don’t even know what the pink looks like to be honest with you….there are no swabs of it, I’ve never seen it reviewed, I’ve never tried it myself, and I’ve never sold one! I’m curious now to see what it’s like, so I will grab one and give it a try. Sounds like a blog post to me!