It’s come to my attention that there may be a bad batch of J. Herbin Éclat de Saphir out there. There have been reports of sludge in the 30ml bottles of this ink for bottles sold approximately in the last 2 months. I’ve gotten word from Exaclair that they are dealing with this issue as we speak from the manufacturer.

I haven’t heard of any faulty 100ml bottles, the only issues reported so far are with 30ml bottles. I also haven’t heard or seen any problems with any other J. Herbin colors, only Éclat. For this reason I am voluntarily pulling all of my Éclat 30ml bottles off until I get further communication from Exaclair about what has happened. I promise to keep you up to date as I learn more. Until I get more answers though, I would recommend that if you notice any sludge at all using any 30ml Éclat you’ve purchased from any retailer in the last 2 months, stop using it and hold onto it until further notice. If you purchased a 30ml Êclat from me, set it aside, and shoot me an email.

I’m not an official spokesperson or anything for J. Herbin or Exaclair, I just want to keep you all informed about what’s going on as I find out. I know we’re all blindsided by this whole event, and the folks at Exaclair are going to work aggressively (as they always do!) to get to the bottom of this Éclat issue.