This is a brand new ink that Private Reserve has developed, so new in fact that the name wasn’t even decided yet at the time I was notified I would be getting a sample. It wasn’t until I received a sample bottle (not reflective of what the final, packaged product will look like) that I saw it is to be called Invincible Black.

I did an initial writing test with the ink, and I have to say WOW! It writes incredibly smooth, I mean, really impressive. I said an audible ‘wow’ when I tried it for the first time! And this was in a cheap Pelikano, too! The color is DARK. Stark black, no shading at all. See for yourself:

I like this ink (y’know, for a ‘boring’ black ink, haha). I plan to test this to the max, though not in this review. This is simply an intro ‘teaser’ review that I wanted to post to get some good ideas about how I might be able to push this ink to the limits. I want to really torture the living crap out of this stuff! I was thinking of things like soaking, scrubbing, ammonia, bleach (not the two together though!), lemon juice, UV exposure, you name it.

Supposedly the word coming down from PR is that nothing they’ve tried yet has been able to compromise this ink. Apparently, the paper gives way before the ink does. Give me some ideas of fun ways I can torture this stuff, and let’s see if that’s true!

I’m also eager to compare this to Noodler’s Bulletproof (which I should be getting in very soon) as well as the Pelikan Fount India ink I’ve been meaning to test for frickin’ forever. I think a comparison review will be underway soon!

Private Reserve Invincible Black is brand new, but will be available very soon in 75ml bottles for $18 and 2ml samples for $1.25 at