I’ve made it very clear before that I’m more of a paper and ink guy than a pen guy. If I had unlimited funds, then sure, I’d get m1000’s and 149’s all day, but I’m a young small business owner with a 7-month old….even if I DID lust after expensive pens, it’s not an option for me!

I do love ink though, and I love to play around with as many colors as I can ink up and flush out in a day! Some days I spend more time at the sink than at my desk, haha! My point is that I’d much rather have a dozen cheaper pens that function pretty well, and have them all inked up at the same time with different colors. I currently have nearly 20 pens inked up, only 2 have the same color in them!

My daily workhorse tends to be the Pelikan Script 1.0. It’s functional, pretty comfortable in my hand, makes my handwriting look GREAT, and best of all, is cheap and easy to clean! I have 5 of them I’m currently using. 5 of the exact same pen? Yup!

Here’s how I tell them all apart:

Nothing fancy, I just write the name (or a variation thereof) on a small strip of paper (Rhodia!), cut it, and tape it on the back. When I change the color, I change the label! Easy, fast, and simple. Not the prettiest thing, but hey, whatever works (hence the post title!). Here I have PR Invincible Black, J. Herbin Rouge Hematite 1670, J. Herbin Poussière de Lune, Private Reserve Naples Blue, and Diamine Majestic Blue. What fun! Next week they’ll likely all be different ;)

How do you tell which ink you have in your pens?