Rebekah, my sis-in-law, designed a logo for our Ink Drop club! She’s a photographer, videographer, designer, etc. I call her an ‘awesome-ographer’! So here’s the logo:

Feel free to take it and use it as you wish. I know some Fountain Pen Network members have wanted to use it in their signatures, and that’s totally cool! I plan to resize and make the logo available for download too, to make that easier.

Here’s the smaller image you can use for your Fountain Pen Network signatures! Just copy the image location, click on the ‘insert image’ icon in your signature under ‘edit profile’, and paste the image location! Very simple. I uploaded 3 sizes of them, so you can display it as prominently or subtly as you wish! This logo will show up fairly big in the signature.

This logo will show up smaller, more subtle ;)

And this one will be even smaller yet ;)

So what do you think of it?