I have been toying with the idea of an Ink Club lately. I’ve been preoccupied with the DC Pen Show (just ended this weekend), but now I’m ready to start putting together things like this.

There are several ways to do this thing….full bottles, samples, etc. I’m going to speak very ‘big picture/hypothetical’ here for a minute. What I was envisioning was doing 2-3ml samples like I currently do, maybe 3-5 a month, for say $7-10ish a month, shipped. Okay, so you have that, and if you like a given sample and want a full bottle, you get x-amount off of the bottle. Club would be all automatic sign on/off, you could quit/opt out any time, all done through Gouletpens.com. No problem.

What’s nice about this is shipping costs stay low, I’m already doing samples so it could happen pretty quickly, and I have the Swab Shop so it would make comparing inks easier to do too. I can even set up a ‘members only’ section on my website where we do special deals and info for Ink Club members. I carry the full line of every ink brand I stock, which is currently J. Herbin, Diamine, Private Reserve, Caran d’Ache, Pelikan, and Sheaffer (all in all about 180 colors). I’m very VERY soon going to acquire the full line of Noodler’s and Rohrer and Klingner (another 125 or so colors). That should be a good selection even for the ink hoarders! I am after all nothing more than an ink hoarder myself with the need to enable others

I also really like the idea of the bottle a month of a given brand….however that is going to have to be more expensive in the $15-20 a month range, especially if doing 80ml bottles of Diamine and or large bottles of Noodler’s. Perhaps the Ink Club could have two different ‘levels’ or ‘memberships’? One for folks looking to slowly acquire every bottle of a given brand (with the option to opt out of a given month if you already have that bottle), and another for those looking to try samples of several different random inks across brands. Or perhaps the cost of the membership for the ‘bottle club’ would vary based on the brand? I’m really just thinking out loud here. Any thoughts?

Update: The club is now active! Check it out, it’s called the Ink Drop.