They’re coming…..all of them…..this week! Now, I don’t want you to fall out of your seat or go shooting me an email yet. I’m going to do a big release similar to what I did last month when the 1670 ink came in. Every week it seems I get busier and busier, as it’s just Rachel and I working together (Rachel works full time for another company too), with some help from my sis-in-law Rebekah.

We’re going to be crazy busy this week, so I am going to wait to release all of the new products coming in. I need to do some reorganizing in my shop, and we have a lot of web work to do to prepare for all of the new things. We have to do swabs for the Swab Shop. We have to do ink samples for over 120 new colors coming in. We’re sending out the first month’s samples for the Ink Drop. It’s crazy.

So I’m putting this email up to let you know that the new stuff is coming, but I need to get my ducks in a row before I can offer everything. I’m working fast and working hard, so you won’t have to wait too much longer, I promise. I’ll blog, I’ll send newsletters, I’ll put updates on the web, I’ll let you know when it’s available! It’ll be soon, and very soon, but you’ll have to wait just a hair longer. We’ve been expanding so rapidly that I have to pace myself so we don’t lose our minds. We’re close, but not that far yet ;) Thanks so much for your patience!