You may have heard that Pelikan is coming out with the m205 duo highlighter pen/ink combo. Well, Private Reserve has just revived an old formula of their own highlighter ink called Chartreuse. An old formula? That’s right….PR had a highlighter ink years ago, but discontinued it because of a lack of interest in the writing community.

So why is Private Reserve reviving their Chartreuse ink? No doubt it’s because of some of the interest in the Pelikan highlighter ink. PR had the formula already, they simply had to whip up a batch and make it! Apparently, it does some really cool stuff under blacklight as well, so you’ll be seeing some real interesting pictures from me!

But the highlighter ink isn’t limited to just these two brands. Noodler’s also has a highlighter ink called Firefly. So to me it raises the question, can the writing community really absorb 3 (at least!) different brands of fountain pen highlighter ink? Time will tell.

I haven’t tried PR Chartreuse myself, but I will be getting some in soon. I will also be expanding my ink offerings at to carry Noodlers, which includes Firefly. And next month when the Pelikan m205 duo’s come in, I’ll have 3 different highlighter ink brands to compare for you. Fun stuff!