It’s true! I have it in my hands! I am out of Sapphire and never got in any Onyx. C’est la vie!

But it’s here, and it’s nice! I have it for sale for $19 a bottle at

It was unexpected that it came today, and very exciting! I took pictures and some video. Here are the pics, the video will have to come later ;)

Yup, that’s a freight truck alright! I bit overkill I think for those small boxes….

It’s FINALLY HERE!!! That’s when I realized it was the Edelstein ink ;)

6 boxes? But there are 7 inks….ah crap. They didn’t send me any Onyx. Oh well!

YAY!! Stocked shelf!!!

Well, except Onyx.

At long last! There will be PLENTY more pictures, video, reviews, and more coming. This is just what I could throw up this afternoon! After all, the ink did just come in about an hour and a half ago!!!!
Get it here.