Here are the steps I have set up to help you find your perfect fountain pen ink:

  1. Swab Shop– compare color-adjusted swabs of all the inks I have. I have groups set up for basic guidelines, and you can swap out individual swabs across brands to see what colors interest you.
  2. Ink Samples– once you narrow down the general colors you like, you can get samples of all of them for a small investment to try a whole variety of inks. This way you can see how the ink performs in your favorite pen(s), on your favorite paper. If you hate it, no biggie, it’s just a sample. You can also join Ink Drop, my monthly sample club to get 5 colors sent to you automatically every month.
  3. Full Bottle– Once you’ve done (1) and (2), you can be confident you’re purchasing a full bottle of an ink you’re going to love.

There’s no worse feeling (in terms of writing, anyway) than purchasing a full bottle of ink on speculation, only to find it looks different than you thought or that you just flat out don’t like it. I have several ‘ghost bottles’ of inks I know I’ll never use, but I feel too guilty to get rid of them. I have a whole ink ‘graveyard’, and it’s sad to see (and it’s expensive too). I hope to help eliminate this problem for you and make it so you only get the inks you’re really going to love.