Everyone has a ‘Holy Grail’ pen. It may be a vintage flex nib pen, or a special limited edition pen that has a theme that really speaks to you. For me, it was a brand new release pen, the Pelikan m800 Souverän 1.5mm Italic Nib pen in blue. I am a huge lover of italic nibs, and this pen caught my eye when I first heard it was going to be released. I knew I wanted it, and I also knew it would be a terrific pen for testing out the wet-writing/italic nib pen category for future ink reviews.

It was a sacrifice to get it….it lists for more than 10 times any new pen I’ve ever owned ($500). Granted, I didn’t pay that (seeing how I’m a Pelikan retailer, perks of the job!). Still, it was quite a bite for a self-employed young father. I was told the pen would be here in November, but lo and behold, it arrived to me today with no warning! A happy surprise indeed!

We all have our pens that we hope and save up and hope to one day get, and now I have mine. The first thing I did was pull it out and take tons of pictures before I dropped the thing and scratched it all up! Here’s a teaser:

But this isn’t meant to be a ‘brag’ post (well, maybe a little, haha). I got the pen, and my first thought (after ‘what cool pictures can I take for the blog’) was what is the first ink I’m going to put into this pen? I’ve been using cheap pens that are more or less disposable so far (except for a lovable Sheaffer 300), so I’ve never put so much thought into the pen, it’s been more about the ink for me. But this pen has been my most anticipated, and the idea of the ‘first ink’ in the pen is somehow very important to me! Maybe it’s silly, and it’s surely ridiculous since I’m obviously going to be using many inks in this pen over the years. But it really has me thinking!

I’m enamored with some of the new Diamine colors….and it’s also not going to be long before the Pelikan Edelsteins come in. Should I wait for them? Should I try a new ink? Should I go with a classic favorite like Poussière de Lune? I don’t know!! Help!

How about you? Do you think about the first ink you put in your special pens?