I’d be lying if I said that an ink’s name didn’t affect at least the way I first perceived the color. A name that’s unappealing to me initially turns me off from the ink. An ink with a kick-butt name makes me want to try the ink.

Sometimes I’m wrong though…. J. Herbin Poussière de Lune (Moondust Purple) didn’t look appealing at all, but the first time I wrote with it I fell in love and it’s been one of my favorites since. Diamine Golden Brown sounded nice and pleasant but looks like my son’s diaper after after he’s squeezed out a good one! Noodler’s in particular has some of the most peculiar and perhaps controversial names on their inks. Undoubtedly there are some that won’t even use colors like Tiananmen because of political discomfort!

There are a slew of new inks coming out. Diamine has 10 colors, Private Reserve has 2 colors, Pelikan has 8 colors….so what I want to know is how much is your desire for (especially a new) ink influenced by an its name?