We had another big ink release on Tuesday, as many of you know, with J. Herbin 1670, the 10 new Diamine colors, and Private Reserve’s 2 new colors. Overall, it was very successful, and I’ve been busy now for the last two days catching up!

For whatever reason we only received 21 bottles of 1670 ink, which is the lowest amount we’ve ever received. Taking that into account, we still sold out in 2.5 hours. I was thinking it would sell out faster, actually, given that last month we had 46 bottles and it sold out in just over 2 hours!

I think there were a couple of things working out of our favor though. #1 we didn’t promote this one as heavy as the last one, #2 it was only about 3 weeks since the last 1670 shipment, before it was over 2 months (and it was the first shipment with the new wax caps), and #3 the release happened to fall right as school was starting back up, so everyone is busy with other things.

All in all though, I must say I’m not the least bit disappointed with this release. Everyone got some great ink, and there are still a few (though not many!) of the new Diamine colors still available.

Right now what I’m working on is getting samples completed for allllll of the new Diamine, Noodler’s and Platinum colors. That’s a lot of samples, believe me! I’m busy, but not DC show busy, so life is good.