Every week I do a live show on Ustream called Write Time at 9, which is where me and a bunch of other crazed fountain pen folks show up and talk writing stuff. It takes place every Tuesday at 9pm EST, and there’s a live chatroom you can join to be able to converse with me (and others) while I broadcast. Tonight we’re going to focus on the 5 ink colors used for September’s Ink Drop club.

The five colors are:

  • Sheaffer Red
  • Diamine Sapphire Blue
  • J. Herbin Violette Pensée
  • Caran d’Ache Amazon
  • Private Reserve Chartreuse

I’ll be inking up the pens and testing them out on all kinds of paper. This will be one inky broadcast tonight, so be sure to stop by Write Time at 9 and join in the chat to talk with me live! I’ll also be doing a free giveaway trivia contest, with the prize of a free bottle of one of September’s inks! Winner’s choice!