Well, the inks are in the mail and on their way! Five little beauties all packed and ready to be inked up in your favorite pens. Have you thought what colors there might be in this month’s ‘Back to School’ theme? There has been some talk about it over on the Fountain Pen Network, at least!

We were shooting to get them all out on the 1st, but we were hung up for an extra two days waiting for a brand new ink to come in. It came yesterday afternoon, and we feverishly worked to get everything decanted and packaged up. It’ll be worth the wait! We’re going to shoot to get future month’s Ink Drops out on the 1st of the month, but sometimes things come up. There will be holidays, Sundays, etc. In this case, it had a lot to do with the fact this is the first month putting it together and there was a LOT of prep work to be done!

Everything is going out via USPS first-class, so it’ll take a few days to get around the US (and likely a few more days yet for our international members!). There is a US holiday on Monday (Labor Day) that’ll slow things down a day. Also, hurricane Earl is currently scraping the East Coast (a few hours south of where we are), and though it’s not expected to have major landfall, it’s still causing some evacuations and post office delays.

There are 76 inaugural members into the Ink Drop club, a few more than we’d even optimistically expected! Here are all of the little ‘dropplets’, just waiting to go out!

I am just antsy with excitement for everyone to get their inks and start playing with them! I know you’ll all be eagerly waiting for your little white packages to arrive ;) We’re going to publicly publish the inks selected for September on the 7th, so ignore that post if you haven’t gotten your inks yet and still want to be surprised! I’m going to be doing reviews and special dedications to the inks I’ve selected for each month after the 7th as well ;)

If you haven’t joined, it’s not too late! Anyone who joins by September 14th will still get September’s samples. This month’s theme is “Back to School”! Click here to sign up and join the ink party!