The Goulet Pen Company is actually more than 3 years old, since Rachel let me buy my lathe and let me start turning pens. We built our whole business on selling nothing but pens, for almost 2 1/2 years! It’s funny to think of that now, as we’ve completely flip-flopped our business now to focus entirely on fountain pen ink and paper.

The only thing is, we built our entire business/brand/reputation on being ‘The Goulet Pen Company’ with the website! I’m actually surprised that we don’t get asked more often why we have a pen company name but don’t sell pens. Actually, we do sell pens….. J. Herbin glass dip pens, and the Creapen. But that’s it (and they don’t really count!). And the 4.5 ounce Noodler’s inks come with free pens, so ‘technically’ we do carry those :P

I think it’s not such a big deal because we’re still selling pen related stuff. I think if we were maybe selling car mufflers or muffins or mittens or something like that people would ask more questions. So is our name weird, or does it not really bother you?

We’re not changing it, but if we did, what would you name us?