There’s been a lot of waiting for the new Pelikan Edelstein ink, on everyone’s part.

I just got word that it’s in US customs and could be shipping out to retailers as soon as Monday or Tuesday next week.

I do want to address an issue about the Edelsteins of which some of you are aware. There is at least one retailer (who shall remain nameless) who has listed the Edelstein inks for sale for several weeks, but has not had it in stock. They still don’t have it in stock, for sure. They’re taking preorders, holding your money, and they’ll ship it when they get it in (whenever that is).

I know for a fact that a few of my customers have purchased from at least one retailer because of their ‘availability’ of the Edelstein inks, but it’s not in yet. It’s still tied up in customs….think about it. Small glass bottles in large quantities filled with liquid, it’s understandable why it would get tied up. But they’re in customs, it’s supposed to be here, and it’ll be here soon. Trust me, I’ll blog the MINUTE I know more.

I don’t like to do pre-orders….I don’t believe in taking your money before I know I have the product in hand. Other retailers do that, I choose not to. I don’t believe it’s right, and it’s risky on my part because it would be easy to oversell and I would be pissing of my customers by holding their money without shipping the product!

I do what I do, other retailers do what they do, and you will choose to ‘vote with your dollars’ the way you best support and I don’t fault anyone for that. But just to clear up, no one has Edelstein yet.