Luxury Brands (the Noodler’s distributor) was backordered on a few colors b/c Nathan is busy with his new Noodler’s fountain pens, but we took some of everything that was available to us. We don’t have any of the foreign Noodler’s colors (yet), but we have about 90+ colors on hand, that ought to be enough to get you going ;) You can get everything we have on hand on

Here’s everything laid out before we put it away.

Rebekah snapped some cool pics for us (bing bang bong!). There are several ‘series’ of inks. Here are a few ‘Eternal’ inks:

The Baystate inks:

Dragon (highlighter) inks (that come with highlighters):

Eel (lubricated) inks:

Highlighters (different inks than the Dragons):

Noodler’s (regular) ink:

V-mail (reproduction WWII-era) inks:

Warden’s Ink (Registrar’s inks):

There are 3 different sizes of bottles depending on the series, 1oz, 3oz, and 4.5oz (w/eye droppers). Some inks are offered in both 3oz and 4.5oz bottles. Here are the 3 sizes compared to each other:

They come FUUUUUUUUULL of ink, to the brim! So be aware of that. Also, some of the intense colors and properties of certain inks may not be favorable for certain types of pens. Noodler’s inks can be a little confusing, so you’ll definitely want to know what you’re getting into before you just go sucking these inks into your pens. They have some awesome colors though! an extensive selection of them are available in full bottles and (soon to be) samples at