We got in the 10 new Diamine colors we’ve been waiting for (seemingly forever!). We also have the next batch of 1670 ink, though it’s tiny. We’re going to release everything for sale on GouletPens.com this coming Tuesday 9/7/10 at 3:00pm EDT.

Here’s what we are releasing and will be carrying regularly (non-limited quantities):

  • Diamine Syrah
  • Diamine Graphite
  • Diamine Oxblood
  • Diamine Twilight
  • Diamine Green/Black
  • Private Reserve Invincible Black
  • Private Reserve Highlights Chartreuse

Here’s what we have in limited quantities:

  • 21 bottles of J. Herbin Rouge Hematite, 1670 ink
  • 9 bottles of Diamine Red Dragon
  • 9 bottles of Diamine Asa Blue
  • 9 bottles of Sherwood Forest
  • 9 bottles of Amazing Amethyst
  • 9 bottles of Evergreen

For some reason, we have far less 1670 ink bottles than usual, it seems Exaclair received fewer than normal, so all of the retailers will be limited. It’ll be another month until we get more, and seeing how last month we sold 46 bottles in just over 2 hours, I suspect these will not last long at all.

I had the opportunity to order the new Diamine colors (Red Dragon, Asa Blue, Sherwood Forest, Amazing Amethyst, and Evergreen) even though they aren’t imported regularly yet. In retrospect, I would have ordered a whole lot more of them….9 of each just doesn’t seem like many now! I had to place my order months ago, before I knew what kind of demand there would be for them. Once people who’d ordered them from the UK started getting them in and blogging reviews of them, more and more people became interested. Oh well! I have what I have, and when it’s gone, I won’t be able to get more for at least 4-6 weeks when Diamine USA gets in their next shipment.

The good news is that even though I’m limited in the quantities of several of these inks, I’ll be posting swabs of them on my Swab Shop, and offering ink samples as well. So even if you miss out on the full bottles, you can still sample the ink for yourself to know if you want to get it when it comes in later this fall.

I’m still waiting on the Pelikan Edelstein inks and m205 Duo, no word on them yet!

One last thing, we’ve worked feverishly to get the swabs for all our new inks up on the Swab Shop. We now have over 260 inks up there!

So be sure to clear your schedule and head over to GouletPens.com at 3:00pm EDT on 9/7/10 so you can get these limited inks! I’m not even joking, these will GO FAST. **Please limit 1 bottle of JH 1670 ink per person, I want to give as many people the chance to get one as possible**