Well, out of nowhere I got 9 bottles of Pelikan m205 Duo Highlighter ink. Okay, so it wasn’t out of nowhere, I had ordered them, but they just showed up on my doorstep two days ago, along with my m800 (the one that was supposed to arrive in November!). No m205 pens, though. Hurmph.

I’ve talked before a little bit about my frustration with some of the Pelikan dates. They seem to give rather ambiguous dates for when things will arrive, then they usually arrive a month or two off. It’s incredibly frustrating for a retailer like myself who works to keep you all informed. But there’s really nothing I can do about it.

The most anticipated Pelikan products coming right now are the Edelstein inks, and I was told they’d be here in ‘September’. I see them up everywhere on European websites, but here in the US we’re all just twiddling our thumbs. It’s likely I could get them in tomorrow, or December. Who the heck knows. My Pelikan rep tells me that the original arrival date for the Edelstein inks was June of last year. So there you go. I have no clue when they’ll be in, really, but as soon as I know anything more than I know now, I will let the world know.

If you want to get yourself some m205 Duo Highlighter ink, I have some. I’m selling it in limited quantities (as it’s a limited edition ink) for $14.50 in a 30ml bottle at GouletPens.com.