Some more links for all this week. There are a lot of great ink reviews on some of these folks’ blogs, but I didn’t want to post links to the same blogs for 4 or 5 different ink reviews. So be sure to cruise around on some of their blogs. It seems ink reviews are pretty hot right now! – Brian Goulet


Noodler’s Walnut– The Harmless Dilettante

Noodler’s Blue Black– The Harmless Dilettante

Noodler’s Kung Te-Cheng– The Harmless Dilettante

J. Herbin ‘Les Subtiles’ Bleue– Narrative Disorder

Inky Monday: It’s not easy being green– Okami Whatever


The manly tradition of the pocket notebook– Notebooks Stories

Details– Rhodia Drive

Jottrr: a new competitor to Moleskine– Lady Dandelion


The Urushi Pearls are completed!– Edison Pen Co.

One of those new Noodler’s Pens– Inkophile

Collection Inspiration: Wahl Ring Top– Everyday Correspondence

Calligraphy for Beginners– Quo Vadis Blog