Sorry if all of the rapid-fire posts in the last 24-hours are overwhelming! I promise to ‘cool it’ a bit after the craziness has died down from the Edelstein rush!

As you know from my previous post(s), I got in all the Edelstein but Onyx. I looked at other retailers (at least the ones that have it in stock) and they don’t have it either. I called Chartpak (the Pelikan distributor in the US) about it, and apparently they didn’t get any in. So you’re not going to find any Onyx in the US, yet.

I don’t know as of right now if it’s an issue of the Onyx still being tied up in customs for some reason, or whether Pelikan in Germany just didn’t send any to the US (that’s entirely possible). Either way, I have it on order and when I get it in, I’ll blog/tweet/email/Facebook it! ;)

Thanks for being so patient. I just checked as of this morning, (9/24/10), and in addition to Onyx not coming in, I’ve since sold out of Sapphire and Topaz. I have more on order, so it’ll be yet another waiting game for it to come in!!

***UPDATE!! Later in the morning of 9/24, I received additional Sapphire and Topaz, so it’s back!! But I don’t know how long it will last. They’ve both been extremely popular!

I’ll be posting reviews of the inks as soon as I have a half-a-second to play with the inks. Things are understandably a little nuts around the Goulet household here, so be patient and I’ll show you the good stuff!