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This week I made good on my promise to cut the broadcast short! I needed to because we’re slammed here getting a HUGE order of Clairefontaine and Rhodia in stock, as well as sorting out and listing for sale all of the new Noodler’s and Platinum inks! Oh yes, and there is that little thing we call the Ink Drop that we’re doing! We currently have 71 Ink Drop members, even more than I’d planned for at this point! It’s crazy exciting. Back to my point though, we’re busy!

So we got on with the broadcast, showed some of the new products we have in, and did a giveaway of a bottle of black Platinum ink to the one who could guess the closest to the number of total products (SKU’s) listed on Matt was the closest guessing 999, not back since we have 1005! We’ll have more though as soon as we get the new Diamine colors, Pelikan Edelsteins, a couple of new PR colors, and we do ALLLLL the ink samples for the 140ish new ink colors we have in!

The video is just over 30 minutes long.