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This one stayed on track pretty well this week! Long story short, we covered the Pelikan Edelstein inks. They came in at the end of last week, and we’ve been swamped with all of the action around that. I posted an initial overview video reaction to my testing the inks with my new m800 italic, and the inks seemed a little dry. After more experimentation though, I’ve found the dryness was a pen issue, not an ink issue as I originally thought. After inking up Edelstein Sapphire in a Pelikano and a Script 1.0, I found it to be much more pleasurable!

The giveaway was a bottle of Noodler’s Purple Martin, as I had one without an outer box (thanks to a bottle of Tienanmen breaking in transit).

After the giveaway, I got into a more detailed explanation about my ‘most important video I’ve ever made’. After a lot of consideration from the feedback everyone’s given, I have decided the best change I can make to free up some time for my family and for doing more reviews is to change the way I write my handwritten notes. Instead of doing elaborate notes on Triomphe paper with wax seals, I’m going to write shorter (but still personal) messages on invoices. Believe it or not, just this small change makes a huge difference in the time I have each day. Enough so that I’ll be able to do a lot more reviews and videos!

This week’s video is just a hair over an hour long.