This is post #200 since I started blogging on January 15th, 2010. I posted my first video then, not really knowing where I would end up going.

It seems funny now, because I had no idea which direction I was going with Ink Nouveau back then. I read Gary Vaynerchuk’s book ‘Crush It!‘, and took his advice to make a list of blog post ideas. He said if you can come up with 50 ideas for blog posts, then you should be blogging. I sat down and wrote out my original list, which had 83 ideas. Just for laughs, here’s my original list:

Video Blog Ideas:

L’encre Nouveau- The Essence of Writing Passion

1) Intro to pen turning
2) Stabilizing wood
3) Worthless wood
4) Exotic woods
5) Resins
6) French ruled paper
7) Fountain pen 101- basics for novices
8) Rollerball choices
9) Habanas
10) Webbies
11) Guest- Andrea (my sister)
12) Guest- Dad
13) Rhodia Pads
14) Lined paper
15) Blank Paper
16) Triomphe
17) Wood finishes on pens (CA, shellac, urushi, lacquer)
18) Nib sizes
19) Nib materials
20) Why writing is dying and how to save it
21-50) J. Herbin inks (individual reviews)
51) J. Herbin scented inks
52) J. Herbin- company history
53) Clairefontaine company history
54) Handwriting styles
55) Wax stamping
56) Writing vs. Typing
57) ‘How a pen is made’
58) Pen Storage
59) FP Filling Systems
60) The new writing movement
61) FPN- the Fountain Pen Network
62) IAP- Intnerational Association of Penturners
63) CF Clothbounds
64) CF size comparisons
65) CF Staplebounds
66-70) Each style of pen (hardware, weight, dimensions, balance, pros/cons
71) Pens-wood
72) Pens- Tru-stone
73) Pens- resin (PR, alumilite, AA)
74) Pens- metal (SS, M3, copper, aluminum)
75) Casting- worthless wood, objects
76) J. Herbin bottles
77) Ballpoint vs. rollerball vs. FP
78) Schmidt vs. Parker gel refills
79) 2-tone wood- heartwood vs. sapwood
80) Handwriting the U.S. Constitution
81) Handwriting the Bible
82) How the intro video is made
83) Exacompta Sketchbooks

It’s actually very funny to see my original ideas….look how many are related to the making of pens, something that is now no longer even part of what I do. I hadn’t even settled on ‘Ink Nouveau’, I was going to do the name in French, ‘L’encre Nouveau’. The thing that I noticed looking back at my original list is that even when you have great ideas about what you’re going to do, you often have to adapt very quickly because things can change so fast. What I found as soon as I began blogging is that I would get 2 or 3 good ideas for new posts after every post I did. The content would just come to me, despite what I had planned.

Just for haha’s, I decided to go back and see how many of my original ideas I have actually blogged about. They’re the ones highlighted in red. Let’s see…8!! Well, I can’t say that I’m going to go back and post all of my original ideas as things have changed quite a bit since I started blogging. But what I can say is that I’m going to continue to build upon the best of what I’ve already posted, and bring you regular, quality content ongoing.