I need your help, loyal Ink Nouveau fans! I’ve been blogging like a maniac for the last 5 months (posting every day without fail, sometimes twice a day), and I don’t have any intention of stopping. I want to continue to provide great and relevant content, but there are a few areas where I need help, and I’ll tell you 3 easy things you can do to help me:

  1. Subscribe– If you aren’t already an RSS or email subscriber, then go for it. Bing bang bong! Sign up for a web-based or desktop RSS reader if you don’t already have one, it’ll help you to organize all of the posts from your favorite blogs like Ink Nouveau. Subscribing is easy, just click on the orange RSS box to the right. A couple of clicks will keep you up to date on everything I’m up to, and it will help to motivate me to keep blogging.
  2. Share!– If you like a post, tweet it, share it on Facebook, email it, stumble it, heck, print it out and show it to your great-grandmother! Whatever you like but please share it. I put a ton of work into providing good, solid content, and it helps me out tremendously when you share it with your friends.
  3. Post comments– Good conversations help me and everyone who reads Ink Nouveau to learn more, get different perspectives, and keep us all entertained! I am always looking for feedback on my the way I do my reviews and the products in them, and the best way to talk about them is by leaving comments.

I really want to utilize Ink Nouveau for cultivating conversations, not just pushing out information to you. I will actively engage in conversations going on in any of my posts, but I need your help to be active as well. I have a good solid base of fans, and I really, really appreciate all of you! I know there are a lot of others out there though, and I want to find all of them, too.

The more readers I have, the more time I will spend contributing to the writing community. My blog is not monetized, so I’m providing all of this information completely free (with the hopes that I will gain your trust to want to shop with me). If you can help me with the three things above, I promise I’ll be able to blog for a long, long time!

So what do you say?