I hope you will all forgive me for being a little late on the blogging this weekend. I’m taking advantage of the holiday weekend. To relax, HAHAHA! No way. I’m expanding the shop and moving everything around. The workshop is now completely, well, not a workshop anymore.

There are a few handtools and whatnot that I’m using to take down the wall dividing our spaces, but other than that, there’s not a tool in the ‘workshop’.

I reassembled one of my home-built tables that’ll be our new (bigger) shipping table. I just need to clean it! You can see the door to the current shop.

If you’re wondering what that huge stack of boxes is in the corner, well, it’s a huge stack of boxes! Boxes of boxes actually…..we use a lot of boxes :P

So this is it, our soon to be new space. I’m going to be working like a dog over the next few days to get the space cleared and cleaned, get new shelves up and move everything around. This is all while we’re keeping GouletPens.com entirely operational. It’s a bit of a mad dash, but I’m shooting to have it all done in the next few days.

I will be revamping everything, creating a dedicated space for ink samples (right now our dining room is that space!), and a cozy area for doing reviews. Expanding the shop is the last step in my master plan from our last 4-month push, so once that’s all set up, it’s review, review, review. I’ve been touting doing more reviews for a while, I know, and I appreciate your patience. I’m so close to being done with the new space, I just need one last push!