Confusing as it may be, the Goulet Pen Company has decided to once again…..sell pens. Shocker, right? We were sent sample rollerball ‘nib creaper’ and fountain pens from Noodler’s, and they are great pens (for the money). We’re going to be offering them for the 2010 holiday season, and if they are popular, we may look to carry them after the new year and expand our pen offerings in the future.

We’ll be doing full reviews of the pens soon and posting them here on the blog, but we’ll be selling the pens as early as next week. A lot of you have been asking us for them, so we’re delivering. We also decided to get some Platinum Preppy’s too, as they’re also a popularly requested item.

What you see below is (bottom to top) the Noodler’s Nib Creaper, Noodler’s Fountain Pen, and Platinum Preppy.

Noodler’s ‘Nib Creaper’ Piston-Fill Rollerball Pen
The Nib Creaper is a pretty cool pen. It fills and flushes just like a fountain pen, but has the convenience of a rollerball. It uses the fountain pen ink you already have, but you can leave the pen sitting out uncapped for long periods of time (my longest test was 45 minutes, and it wrote without skipping a beat).

It has a piston-fill mechanism, and holds a good amount of ink. It tends to write a bit dry, so using wet, saturated inks will show up best when writing. It’s not as smooth as a fountain pen (of course), but it is pretty darn cool. We’ll also be carrying the replaceable rollerball tips and piston seals. Right now the only color available for the pen is clear (I guess that would be lack of color). List price is $14.00.

Noodler’s Piston-Fill Fountain Pens
The Noodler’s piston-fill fountain pen is a pretty solid little pen for the money. It’s no David Oscarson, but it’s one of the most affordable piston-fill fountain pens out there. They are easily maintainable, designed to be taken apart for cleaning, maintenance, and replacing the piston seal (which we’ll look to carry soon enough) and grease the piston when it needs it. It’s a fun little pen to mess with :D

All of the Noodler’s steel-nib fountain pens are ‘fine/mediums’, basically halfway between a fine and a medium. There are 7 available colors (though they sell so quick, they’re sometimes not all available at the same time). The colors are black, navy blue, red, burgundy, turquoise, gray, and mandarin yellow (what you see pictured). The pens list for $14.00. There will also be two aerometric/eyedropper pens similar to these ones, but available in mottled brown or mottled green ebonite for $24.00.

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens
You already use one of these if you’ve ever purchased a bottle of (non-highlighter) Noodler’s ink in a 4.5 ounce bottle. These pens are solid pens, and crazy cheap. They have converters that you can use, or they are easily converted into eye-dropper pens with just an o-ring and some silicone grease (I sense the need for a video brewing for that already…).

These pens are great for starters, great to give as gifts, and are great for loading up with a ‘regular’ ink you like to keep on hand. Grab 10 of these little suckers and keep them loaded up with your favorite array of colors, and you won’t have to do a whole flushing routine every time you want to use a different color! With a list price of only $3.95, they’re almost unbeatable. They’re all clear, but are available with accent colors like green, black, pink, yellow, and others.

One of the most enjoyable things about writing with fountain pens to me is the ink. It’s no secret that I love ink, and changing colors a LOT. What’s great about these affordable and easily self-maintained pens is that you can get a bunch of them and ink up an array of different colors at one time. You’ll spend less on a baker’s dozen on these pens than you will on most 18karat NIBS, let alone pens. If you’re just getting into fountain pens, want to get your kids started on pens, or want to get a friend hooked on them, these pens will fit that bill just right.

We will be getting these pens in early next week, so you won’t have to wait long. I’ll be coming out with more detailed reviews of each soon enough, once I’ve gotten everything in (and the November Ink Drop is out!).

So what do you think? Do you have any of these yet? How do they compare to some of the other affordable pens like Lamy Safari’s, Kaweko Sports, and Pelikan Pelikanos?