In the last week, I really pounded out some ink reviews, investing some serious time and effort to cover the inks as thoroughly as I could. However, after getting some feedback (I knew I would) after having posted them, I’ve decided I may want to change or add some things to be a little more thorough.

These are the videos I’ve been doing the last week that I want to use as a format for future reviews:

Diamine Pumpkin
Diamine Syrah
Noodler’s Red
Noodler’s BeaverĀ 
Private Reserve Orange Crush

Things that I feel are very important to keep:

1) Doing both video and the written portion with color-adjusted scans
2) Using multiple types of both white and off-white, consistently made paper
3) Water resistance test

Here are some changes I definitely want to make:

1) Use a fine-nib pen for testing the inks in addition to the 1.5mm italic Pelikan m800 I’ve been using (to get a better range of pen usage)

2) Improve the lighting on my videos (granted, the lighting was bad for the last 4 reviews because I was filming in a different location than normal)

Aside from these changes, what else would you suggest could enhance my reviews? Keep in mind, it’s all about time. For every review I do, it’s several hours of work behind the scenes, mostly spent scanning, color adjusting scans, and editing/processing video. What I don’t want to do is have these reviews become so burdensome that I either don’t have time to do them, or I rush through them and do a sub-par job. I want them to be comprehensive and a good reference ongoing.

Any thoughts?