The last Goulet pens have been sold, I am officially out of the pen making business :/

It’s hard to believe that this chapter in my life is really over. I’ve been packing my tools and cleaning up my shop for weeks, but now that the pens are gone, it’s really hitting me that it’s over.

A special thanks goes out to Mike who’s been following me here on Ink Nouveau from the very beginning. Today I almost broke my streak of posting daily since June 8th, but I’m squeezing one in here at the very end of the day thanks to his email. If you’re wondering why such a late post, it’s no family emergency or tragedy. My washing machine broke during the middle of washing a load of baby clothes, and it required my immediate attention! It’s all fixed now though!

A special thanks to Mike and all of you other dedicated fans and followers who make me a daily part of your lives ;)