Here they are, the colors for October’s Ink Drop! The these is Autumn Leaves, to get that feeling of all of the changing red, orange, and brown leaf colors. After having very bright and vibrant (and somewhat unusable!) colors in September’s drop, we went for much more earthy, practical, and usable ink colors for October.


Diamine Syrah
Diamine Pumpkin
Private Reserve Orange Crush
Noodler’s Red
Noodler’s Beaver
Pelikan Edelstein!!


Wait, 6 inks? You got it! There is a lot of buzz around the release of Pelikan’s new Edelstein ink line, and everyone is curious to see what the ink is like. But at $20 a bottle, it’s a pretty expensive test! So we’ve included a 6th ‘bonus’ ink this month of a randomly selected Pelikan Edelstein ink.

In addition to the sample, we included swabs of all 7 Edelstein colors for each member. Aaaaand an Ink Drop sticker!

I will be doing reviews of this month’s colors here over the next couple of weeks, as well as dedicating my Write Time at 9 live video broadcast to this month’s colors on October 19th at 9pm Eastern US time.

Members get 10% off of full bottles of the 5 main colors, but not the Edelstein bonus colors (sorry!).

There is a lot of great stuff in October’s Ink Drop, and all for $10. Can you believe it? It’s still not too late to sign up if you haven’t already. Just head over to the Ink Drop signup page by October 14th, and you’ll get all this great stuff….wait past the 14th and you’ll miss October’s Drop!