We’ve been playing around to improve some stuff on our Swab Shop at GouletPens.com. Many of your are familiar with this tool for comparing color-adjusted swabs of your favorite ink colors, and we’re constantly working to enhance it.

The most exciting function we’ve been able to add is the ‘add to cart’ button underneath each swab that will add a sample of the selected ink to your shopping cart, without you having to navigate away from the page!

There is a pop-out window that will show you the samples that are added to your cart as you add each one:

You can move this pop-out window wherever is most convenient for you on the page.

We’re still keeping the ink sample page up with the whoooole list of ink samples, so don’t worry, that’s not going away. If you know exactly which samples you want, you can go straight there and get them all on one convenient page.

We’re constantly working to improve the ease of use of GouletPens.com. This is one thing we were looking to implement for a long time, and we were finally able to do it with the help of a fellow programmer friend of ours. Let us know if there’s any other way we can improve your experience on our website!