October’s Ink Drop is out and on time this month ;) I think you’re all going to like it! Lots of great colors (perhaps a little more ‘practical’ than last month’s colors, too), and there’s even a few extra bonuses for this month, too!! I’m definitely going to want your feedback!

October’s Ink Drop theme is ‘Autumn Leaves’, to capture colors of the leaves changing. What colors do you think will be included?

We have 114 memberships as of October 1st, so very exciting! I needed 6 USPS mail bins to fit them all:

And I know what you’re thinking looking at this picture….what’s up with the socks with Crocs? Hey, they’re comfy and I took this picture at 1am, that’s all I have to say!

I’m really excited to see what everyone thinks of this month’s colors. I’ll be officially ‘spoiling it’ on October 7th, announcing the colors. If you’d like to be surprised, you’d better sign up for Ink Drop soon! Anyone who signs up by October 14th will get October’s drop ;) Sign up today, if you haven’t already!!