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This was a great broadcast! Rachel was able to join me for the whole thing as co-host, something we’re going to aim to do from now on.

This week’s broadcast had a focus on October’s Ink Drop, which consisted of Diamine Pumpkin, Diamine Syrah, Noodler’s Red, Noodler’s Beaver, and Private Reserve Orange Crush. Click on any of the names of the inks to see my full review of each ink. I posted these previous to the broadcast, and took questions going deeper into each ink.

We also touched on some of the new Noodler’s pens, which I received as samples from Luxury Brands as part of my normal shipment of Noodler’s ink. I got two pens, one a rollerball that’s refillable like a fountain pen (similar to the Visconti Eco-filler), and the other is a piston-fill fountain pen. I’m eager to thoroughly test them out!

The giveaway tonight was a full bottle of one of the ink colors used in this month’s Ink Drop. Congrats to Mike, for winning a bottle of Syrah! He was the one to first guess the correct mixture of Binder’s Burgundy, the ink Syrah was modeled after (50/50 blend of Waterman Purple and Sheaffer Red).

Be sure to join us next week, where we’ll be sharing the broadcast live with Stephanie Smith from Spiritual Evolution of the Bean! Email me with any questions you’d like me ask her!